(some of them anyway…)

Ship quicker

We have built our tools to enable you to work and ship quicker, keeping your customers and your admin costs to a minimum. Our tools can save hours of your time every day.

Bulk label printing

Once your orders are in the dashboard and delivery companies selected, you will be able to print all your labels in one go, either from the dash or they can be emailed to your team.

No more manual entry

trukl’s unique API means no more endlessly typing in addresses and product dimensions. Our API connects with cart and marketplace to seamlessly integrate and import the data to make your work day much easier.  Not ready for an API? No problem: we can also take CSV imports, straight into the dashboard.

Access to volume discounts

Here at trukl we work with the UK’s main delivery companies. We have large volumes and have negotiated great rates for you, so just plug into our system and enjoy up to 80% off parcel delivery prices

Access to over 12 carriers

Question: How much time does it take to set up a new delivery company account? Answer: Up to 4 months. We have pre-established relationships and can set you up within a few days, allowing you to plug into them all and make your selections with a single trukl API connection

Proactive tracking management

Everything we do is aimed at making your life easier. We have spent years creating and perfecting our tracking and issue management AI tool to identify and notify you and your customers of any real or potential issues that arise.  Keeping your customers happier and giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Advanced Data Analytics

It’s all about the data. We collect and manage a huge volume of data around delivery. We use this information to help advise and guide you to making the right decisions and setting up the right rules in selecting carriers.  No one box fits all and, with us, you have the data to make the right choices to improve delivery rates – reduce damages and increasing customer happiness.

Marketplace integrations

We have done all the hard work so you don’t have to. We spend the hours, weeks and months working out how all the marketplace tech works; push, pull and all that jazz.  We have come up with a single trukl API that links to all these places, so you don’t have to.  We are always working to improve it as well: tech dev never sleeps

One tool to rule them all

trukl’s API has been developed with one goal in mind: to make your lives easier and, as a result, enable you to offer a better service to your customers. Our work is never complete, we continually update and improve our features to make sure they are working the best they can for you.

Manage Returns

Our tools are built to help you manage your delivery returns. We all have them, and often this is where we can make all the difference to keeping a customer happy and returning.

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